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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Social Media Twitter Tips

Twitter is a fantastic source of traffic when you use it properly.

Here are 3 tips that bring your more traffic without ever sending a single “tweet.”

Twitter Tip #1 – In the upper right hand corner of your Twitter page is the profile area, or information about you. One choice you have is what website you want to include a link to after the space marked “web.” Most people just send folks to their main website. The problem is most people’s main website has no opt-in page so there is no way to capture the prospects email address.

So what you want to do is include a link to an opt-in page, or at least a page that has an opt-in box somewhere. While your followers on Twitter are a list, you also want to add them to your email list.

Also make sure you change the link every now and then to provide some variety.

Twitter Tip #2 – Also in the profile area in the upper right hand corner is a space to create your bio in 71 characters or less.

Most people include things like “mother, father, internet marketer, CSI fan, love buttered popcorn” or some other way in which to be cute or funny.

As is often the case, don’t do what most people do.

Instead, use the 71 characters in the bio to let your follower and prospect know what you can do for them. After all, your follower and prospect is looking at your Twitter page and asking “what’s in it for me?” So show them.

Twitter Tip #3 – Included in your profile section is a category called “favorites.” What most people do is link to their favorite tweets.

Again, don’t do what most people do.

Instead favorite the positive things people are saying about you. Then when someone comes to your Twitter page and clicks on your Favorites, they can see all these “mini-testimonials” about you!