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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Morocco Magic

I have just returned from a fantastic trip to Marrakech in Morocco. I ran two workshops at the Entrepreneurs Organisation University. What really overwhelmed me was the positiveness and energy of these young and successful entrepreneurs. Some still in their twenties have already reached incredible heights.
People travelled from over twenty countries around the world to attend the university and the EO staff organised a memorable event. Each night we were treated to something really special and even now my body is trying to catch up with sleep.
On one afternoon we enjoyed a special 4 x 4 excursion to the Atlas Mountains and there were three others in our Land cruiser. One of the chaps was British and now lives in Las Vegas. Mark, at the age of 37 was living in Singapore and worth $75million and ready to retire and two weeks later worth minus $50 million when the markets collapsed. He struggled through the hard times and is now once again on the top of the world and builds multi million dollar casinos around the world. He enjoys suppers with Celine Dion and has a wonderful story about Michael Jackson. Take a listen to my interview with Mark, it will really motivate you to take a chance to become an entrepreneur and with the right attitude overcome any obstacle.
I’m still buying and reviewing a ton of software and giving feedback each month. A special offer this month is from Jay Jennings, the developer of Sonic Memo (I use his software for all my audio production) and he is giving away Sonic Memo Lite for free (normally $37). Download it now, it’s a great product.
I don’t know what it is about Leeds; its hotels spoil me for everywhere else. I have just stayed at 42 The Place…..and what a place. When checking in I was offered a glass of wine and then personally shown up to my room which was fabulous. There was a bowl of fresh fudge, a complimentary bottle of water and state of the art sound, television and internet system. The service throughout was excellent and if you’re planning a trip to Leeds, this is the hotel to book.
Staying in hotels so much of the time, I find most hotels impersonal, cold lacking in service. I have had such bad experiences that I have registered a domain so if you have experienced a bad hotel please send me any photos and details as I will soon have the website up.
If you haven’t had a chance to see the last newsletter about the great tool that creates headlines automatically, take a look at
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