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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sony Electronics catastrophe

Catastrophe at Sony Electronics

Catastrophe at Sony Electronics is the only way I can describe the useless after sales service at Sony. I purchased a Sony top of the line laptop six months ago and it has already packed up.
When phoning support, I was told that the only support is now provided from a call centre in Egypt where I struggled to even understand the accents. Having phoned the 16th and being promised a pick up on the 17th and 5 days before I would get the laptop back, I had some hope.
This was short lived, the laptop was not collected. Seven phone calls later and having spoken to who I was told were the managers of the call centre in Egypt, Sherif and Mo, the laptop was finally collected on Thursdaythe 19th and I was promised that after 5 working days it would be returned repaired. 
Why was I not surprised when I received the call today saying that it would not be ready in five days, in fact it seemed that they had no idea that it would be ready.
On Wednesday next week I leave for a speaking tour of Australia where I will be presenting to 14 groups of CEO's who I will be sharing this story with.
Of course, not knowing when and if I will receive my laptop before I leave, I now have to go and purchase another, but believe me, it will certainly not be a Sony, but back to the tried and trusted Toshiba.
Isn't it funny that at one time Sony Electronics was a powerhouse with an incredible reputation. Unfortunately now with outsourcing, closing local offices, not keeping promises and having no clue about customer service, they probably rate as the worst of any electronic company. If you don't believe me, just type in 'bad customer service sony' into Google, you will find more than 10 pages of postings.
All I can say is: Catastrophe at Sony Electronics

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sony Europe Hopeless at Customer Service

My Sony Vaio S series is still under guarantee and all of a sudden all power failed. As an International Technology speaker, I use this laptop all the time for presentations and urgently needed it repaired.
I called th only number on their site  which is 09050310006 and was put through to a call centre in Egypt. It seems that Sony Europe is not accessable in any form by phone except by going through to an Egyptian call centre, great customer service Sony......
After speaking to someone to arrange a collection today, I had to follow uo to get a tracking number for UPS. To my surprise, I was told that there was a problem and it had not been arranged.
Five calls later (Including one to the person who say's he heads up the call centre, Sherif Ebdelsolam) I am no further with my case.
On my last call, someone truthfully told me that all Sony's systems were down and this was the reason that no-one came back to me or Sherif was in meetings every time I phoned. They have no idea when their systems will be repaired, so all Sony customers are getting absolutely no support or feedback.
In the meantime I have paid out abot £30 in phone calls (.35 pence per minute for a call)
How can a company as large as Sony be so utterly useless at customer service, I'm sure that the service shines in Japan where the headquarters are based.
As all their calls are recorded for training, I informed them that mine was as well and they were not at all happy about works both ways Sony....
In the meantime I am left in a quandry, do I now go and buy a new laptop (NOT SONY) while my Sony is still under guarantee, or hope that their systems will come back online in time for me to get my laptop repaired.
I am doing a speaking tour in 2 weeks of Australia where I will be speaking about technology and customer service to hundreds of CEOs and sharing this wonderful story with them.
I will keep you updated on the Blog and via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as to the outcome of this case..