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Friday, March 31, 2017

Social Media & Video Marketing Masterclass

I am presenting my Masterclass for the first time in Ft Lauderdale, Florida on the 12th April, 2017. I have presented this in 12 different countries and it will definitely take your business to a new level online.
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This is the ideal masterclass for any size business, speakers, coaches & consultants. It has been presented globally and will give you practical strategies that you can implement immediately to help your business to discover:
Morning session
  • How to dominate Google
  • What makes great websites and what is required by clients as well as Google
  • Innovative ideas to promote their business
  • The power of the internet
  • How to use audio and video to connect with online clients
  • Market online with little or no technical expertise
  • How to become a YouTube Superstar
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  • Why and how to use the ‘Big Five’ YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn
 Latest News...Discover all the Changes to LinkedIn in Feb 2017.....
  • Plan your social media strategy 
  • Connect with clients online
  • Drive potential and existing clients to your website using social media strategies
  • Why and how you need to be part of the Google family
  • How to produce electronic newsletters & what content connects with clients
  • Search engines – how to dominate the first page of Google using Social Media
  • Marketing with articles both online and offline and creating thought leadership
  • Newsjacking 
  • The latest low cost tools and resources for marketing
  • How to research, qualify and connect online
  • How to bring LinkedIn alive with articles, video and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Facebook strategy and an interview with Mari Smith, the world’s top expert on how to use Facebook for business
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Afternoon Session Video Marketing
  • How to develop online videos to market products and services
  • The 3 essential elements of a successful video
  • The difference between presenting on stage and on camera 
  • The 15 ranking factors to get seen on YouTube
  • How to piggyback off successful videos
  • Ipads – how to video and present effectively and I will show you the world’s smallest projector
  • Setup and customize your channel on YouTube
  • Measure and monitor your videos using ‘insight’ 
  • The power of YouTube and how to embrace and use it effectively
  • The latest equipment and software to create online videos
  • What it takes to create a great video and video testimonial
Delegates will also get bonuses including Ebooks and Software.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Online Social Media Course | Digital Training Course for Business

Do you want to move your business to the next level online?

After working with and presenting to businesses globally on their social media and digital strategies, I developed the online Digital & Social Media Training Program.

It has been designed to help a business of any size and especially helpful for any marketing department.

Online Marketing for Business   Website Link

Content & Details

Introduction to the program

Changes & Your Online Strategy

·       Introduction to Marketing Changes

·       The Customer Relationship of Tomorrow & Today

·       Your Social Media Strategy

·       Create Once, Publish Everywhere

·       How to Use Hootsuite


·       Introduction to websites

·       Essential factors for your website

·       Examples of Great Business websites

·       Examples of Great Health & Fitness Websites

Search Engine Optimization

·       Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

·       The Google Family

·       Sitemaps

·       Online Directories

·       Google Places for Business

·       Analyzing your Competitors

·       How SEO Quake Works

·       Analyzing your Website

·       Keyword Analysis

·       Keyword Analysis for Health & Fitness Clubs

·       15 SEO Tools

·       Dominating the First Page of Google

·       Implementing your Strategy

·       Pay per Click

Affiliate Marketing

·       How Affiliate Marketing works

·       Affiliate Marketing Platforms

·       How to use Namechk

Blogging & Article Marketing

·       Introduction to Blogging

·       How to Create a Great Article

·       How to write an Attention Getting Headline

·       External Sources for Finding Great Headlines

·       Critical Elements for a Successful Article

·       Where to find and Spin Articles
·       Where to submit your Articles

·       14 Steps to Sharing your Articles

·       Where to Share your Article Offline

·       Newsjacking

·       Practical Article & Blogging Exercise

·       Blogging Basics EBook

·       Business Bloggers EBook

Your 10 Touch Plan

·       Introduction to the 10 Touch Plan

·       Strategies to stay in touch with your Clients – EBlasts & Mailings

·       Newsletters

·       Webinars

·       Video Email

·       How to Create Online Newspapers

·       Postcards & Bulk Texting


·       Introduction to LinkedIn

·       How to use LinkedIn as a Marketing Platform
·       Changes to LinkedIn
·       Your Personal & Public Profile
·       Setting up Your Profile
·       Completing Your Profile
·       The Home Screen
·       How to Add & Optimize Articles for LinkedIn
·       Your Network
·       The Job Section
·       Messaging & Notifications
·       New Advanced Features of LinkedIn
·       How to use Groups
·       How to Carry our Searches
·       Example of a Good & Bad InMail
·       LinkedIn Requirements for a Company Page
·       Setting up Your Company Profile
·       Example of a Great Company Profile
·       Your LinkedIn Business Strategy
·       Your LinkedIn Business Strategy Part 2
·       Showcase Pages
·       LinkedIn – Extra Tips

Video Strategy – Hardware & Software

·       Introduction to Video Marketing

·       Interview with Video Marketing Expert Mike Stewart

·       Why use Video in Business

·       Factors to take into Account in Planning your Video

·       Equipment – Cameras & Other Recording Devices

·       Using the IPad & IPhone to Video

·       Using the IPad to Video in Dubai

·       Autocue & Add-Ons for the IPad & IPhone

·       Video Editing Software

·       How to use Camtasia

·       How to use Green screen or Chroma screen

·       Other Software you can use

·       Video Convertors

·       Video resource Guide - EBook

How to use Video in Business

·       Video Testimonials

·       Example of a Video Testimonial

·       How to Showcase your Product or Service

·       Promoting Events with Video

·       Meet the Team

·       Video Contests

·       The Sales Video

·       Example of a Great Sales Video

·       The 8 Steps to Create a Sales Video

·       Success Stories

·       The Humorous Sales Video

·       ‘How to’ Videos

·       Showcase your Company Culture

·       Online Training Courses

·       Meet the CEO

·       Expert Interviews

·       Technical Explainer Videos

·       Recruitment Videos

·       Staff Training

·       Video Blogging for Profits EBook

Creating Your Videos

·       Why use Video in Business

·       Creating the Video – using Flixpress

·       How to use ‘Fiverr’

·       Where to get Copyright Free Media

·       Putting it all Together

YouTube Strategies

·       Setting up your YouTube Channel

·       Video Keyword Research

·       Uploading & Tagging

·       Video Thumbnails

·       Liking, Linking & Comments

·       Sharing your Videos

·       Uploading to LinkedIn and Facebook

·       Video Sharing Sites

·       How to ‘Kick Start’ your Videos

·       Your Video Process Summary

·       Your Channels Look & Feel

·       An Overview of YouTube – How it Works

·       How to use Creator Studio

·       How to use Creator Studio – Part 2 - Analytics

·       How to use Creator Studio – Part 3

·       YouTube Ranking Factors

·       YouTube Mind Map

·       YouTube Playbook - EBook

Live Streaming Video

·       Live Streaming Video – Part 1

·       Live Streaming Video – Part 2

·       Live Streaming Video – Part 3

·       Live Streaming Video – Part 4


·       Introduction to Facebook

·       Setting up your Facebook Account

·       Identifying Your Target Audience

·       How to Create a Viral Facebook Post

·       Strategies to Create a Successful Post

·       Example of a Company that has built 2 Successful Businesses using Facebook

·       An Interview with Facebook expert Mari Smith

·       How to Advertise on Facebook

·       Custom Audiences & Lookalike

·       Where to Find Great Graphics for Facebook

·       The Facebook Formula EBook


·       Introduction to Twitter

·       How to use Twitter for Business

·       Twitter – Getting Started

·       Setting up Your Profile

·       How to get Followers

·       How to use Embedle

·       Successful Brands using Twitter for Marketing

·       Twitter Tools & Analytics

·       The Twitter Glossary – EBook

·       The Twitter Toolkit – EBook

·       The Twitter Marketing Guide – EBook

Creating Visual Content

·       Design & Visual Content – Part 1

·       Design & Visual Content – Part 2

·       Design & Visual Content – Part 3

·       Design & Visual Content – Part 4

Other Social Media Channels


·       What is Instagram

·       Instagram Quick Setup

·       Instagram for Business

·       Examples of Brands Using Instagram

·       How to use Insights for Instagram


·       What is Pinterest

·       How Pinterest Works

·       Pinterest in Action

·       Pinterest for Business

·       Companies using Pinterest

·       Pinterest – 10 Take Aways

Social Media Tools

·       19 Social Media Tools - EBook

·       160 Content Marketing Tools for Your Business – EBook

·       The Best Times to Post on Social Media – EBook

Putting it all Together