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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Making Money with Ezines


Ezines – Develop a 10 touch plan for all your existing clients (making contact at least 10 times a year). You can email, phone them, meet face to face or the easiest way is to have a newsletter. Whether it is a hard copy or online newsletter, this is a great way to keep in touch. I avoided having an electronic newsletter (ezine) for ages. My first ezine resulted in 10 International bookings from people that I had never met as my newsletter was passed on to them by my other subscribers. With so many newsletters circulating, content is king and is going to be the one differentiator between getting your newsletter read or deleted.
         Always ensure that you have a main article that provides information that your readers will find valuable.
         Within your Ezine, throw in links to related articles that you have written or been featured in when appropriate.
         Offer testimonials from satisfied clients
         Give real life examples and show how you’ve helped clients
         Case studies always position you as the expert in your readers’ minds more than you coming out and saying so.
         Jot down eight questions your clients have asked you in the past
         Answer each one in a short article, as there may be many other clients who have the same questions in mind.
         If you have been to any industry conference workshops or seminars where you’ve picked up some helpful hints, share these with your readers
         Offer a list of your top five to ten tips on a certain subject
         Recommend books or resources and offer reviews on some of these books.

Today, money is "created" by the words you say, how effectively you say them and how quickly you get them in front of your readers.   Your Headlines MUST stop your readers dead in their tracks and get them to read further into your ad, article or sales page.

If your headline doesn't grab your reader's attention, then all the rest of the time and effort you have spent writing your ad, article or sales page have gone to waste! They have NO value if your headline hasn't done its' job.

Every one of your marketing tools needs a headline. Headlines get attention, make your message easy to read, get your main selling points across, and lead your customer to a sale. Use a short three word headline for classified ads. Use headlines frequently in your web site copy to help people get your main message without having to spend a lot of time online. 

Seven Proven HeadlineTechniques
1. Ask a Question. "Are you worried about filing your tax return this year?" A question headline gets the reader to answer in their mind. You automatically get the prospect involved in your message. Many people will read further into your letter, ad, or web site copy just to find out what answer or solution you provide.
2. Start your headline with "How to." "How to buy a second home with no deposit." People love information that shows them how to do something valuable.
3. Provide testimonials. The recommendation of a satisfied customer can go a long way in convincing others to buy from you. "This product really works! I'm happier and less stressed. Joe Kelly, ABC Widgets." Always include the customer's full name and the city they live in.
4. Issue a command. "Aim high" and "Lose 15 pounds now." Turn your most important benefit into a commanding headline.
5. Important news makes a good headline. This particularly works well for big changes in your company or the introduction of hot new products.
6. Use deadlines and special offers. Most of us are busy and tend to put off taking action. If you don't get the prospect to act now, you may never get the sale. Deadlines encourage people to respond when their interest is highest. "Save Money Now" and "Get More If You Buy Now" offers increase response.
7. FREE offers often pull the best response. "FREE report on Search Engine Optimization" is a powerful way to get lots of interested prospects. 

Useful Tip for Headline Creation
How do you convert casual readers of your marketing brochures and websites without pulling your hair out with the time-sucking chore of producing a winning headline? I discovered a great piece of software that automates the process for you, take a look at

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