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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Product Review - Video Blogging for Profits by Frank Furness

As you know, I love what is happening on the internet with blogs and video. Imagine the combination of blogging together with videos. Well, there are some people that have become online celebrities with millions of fans and this EBook shares exactly how you can do the same.
A few well known personalities and musicians like Oprah Winfrey and even the Queen of England have started their own video blogs.

This eBook is designed to teach novice bloggers how to successfully start their own popular, extremely profitable, video blog. The book will tell you how to set up your own video blog using popular blogging platforms. It will also tell you many ways to profit from your new video blog and how to effectively market it. This eBook provides you with detailed information and many resources that will save you a great deal of time and energy that would have been spent in research along with time and error.

The contents cover:
Chapter 1 – What is Video Blogging
Chapter 2 – Why You Should Start a Video Blog
Chapter 3 – How to Start a Video Blog
Chapter 4 – Profit from Your Vlog
Chapter 5 – Promoting Your Blog
Chapter 6 – Things to Remember

The best part, you can download the EBook immediately for only $7 – that’s a price of a cup of coffee at a good hotel in London. Get it now!

Frank Furness CSP CFP is a professional speaker and trainer specialising in sales and technology. He has educated, entertained and inspired audiences in 42 countries. His publications and sales CDs have been sold globally.
He is the author of ‘Walking with Tigers - Success Secrets of Top Business Leaders’ and ‘How to Find New Clients and Business’

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