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Monday, July 14, 2008

Vista Optimiser | Product review - Video Web Wizard

How to Find New Business and Clients - Take a look at my new book

Here it is this week's quick tips and reviews:

Optimise your computer with Vista
Take a look at what you need to optimise your computer. Whether it be a new video card or processor, Vusta can tell you. Go to the control panel and select system. In the system section is the computer's Window Experience Index.. Sometimes there is a number there. Click the link and you will see the ratings, but if not click 'rate my computer' button.
You should upgrade the component with the lowest score first.
Take a look at the video below:

Product Review - Video Web Wizard.
Have you wondered how to optimise your videos for the web. Discover how to optimise the size and quality - take a look at the video below.

Speakers Bootcamp
The next speakers bootcamp will be on the 26/27th July and there are a few places open.
Download the Ebrochure at

Google Nemesis

There is a young genius from Manchester called Chris X who is taking the web by storm. On his first 2 products he made $1 million and his latest product this week, Google Nemesis has broken all records.

It is an amazing piece of software that produces website templates and as you type over the lines, your ready made website contenet changes. It was made for anyone wanting to sell anything on the internet with no knowledge whatsoever of the technical side.

Take a look at this incredible software....and then take a look at the video which i made with Chris and Ken , the developers.

And Finally.........

Last week I spoke at a convention in Macau and finally overcame my fear of heights. Take a look at the video, CRAZY........