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Monday, December 07, 2015

How to create memorable videos for YouTube | Sales Technology Speaker | Technology Tips

We are now living in a visual society and sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Pinterest are creating a huge influence in the branding, SEO and ultimately sales for our business.

I have been on YouTube from the day it started and now have 650 videos on my channel

During this time I have studied many videos and have seen that the best and most watched have the following elements:

  • They are either different, funny, quirky or have valuable content for the viewers
  • They tell stories and use music effectively -
  • They have an emotional connection
  •  They have a call to action

The latest statistics from YouTube tell us that the average watching time of a video is 36 seconds. 

This does not mean your video must be 36 seconds long, in fact it must be viewed for 30 seconds to be counted as a watched video on YouTube (for Facebook it is 3 seconds). 

If you have compelling, valuable content, your viewers will watch the complete video. Take a look at my webinar on ‘How to dominate the first page of Google’ –

Some other important elements are:
  •  Use a good microphone, bad sound quality will quickly turn off viewers
  •   In the first three seconds tell the viewers why they should watch the video and what they will get from it
  • Talk into the camera and talk as if someone is in front of you and you are speaking to them only. Never speak in the third person or as if you are presenting to an audience. Remember, it is only one person viewing your video the majority of the time and they must feel that you are speaking directly to them. This is the same for any other social media communication, always write or record as if speaking to one person.
  •   When you upload the video, think in terms of search engine optimization. What are the key phrases people would type into a Google search or YouTube search if they were looking for your type of business or solution?
  •  My phrase is ‘sales technology speaker’. Type that search into Google and see how I dominate the first page of Google and the power of YouTube videos for SEO.
  •  Put your phrase into the subject line of your video, the description and the keywords
  •   In the first line of your description put a link to your website and this will serve as a link from YouTube to your site which Google loves, a powerful link from its Google family.
  •  Share your video directly from YouTube to all the social media channels listed below the video except Facebook.
  •  Upload your video directly to Facebook as a native video and this will get you more views than a YouTube link.
Please take a look at my blog and my article on where and how to use your video in business. Also take a look at my schedule for when I will be running my one day Video and YouTube Masterclass

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