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Monday, April 07, 2008

Speaking Tips - Presenting in Hong Kong

Welcome to Hong Kong. How many of us can remember the old airport with the runway in the sea and the greatest challenge for every airline pilot. All that has changed now and Hong Kong airport is amongst the most modern in the world. A short train ride on a clean modern express takes you into either Kowloon or the Island of Hong Kong.

It is a country of fascination, history, and wonderful foods and of course the best shopping in the world. The main business district is on the Island of Hong Kong in the “central” district. It is easy to get around as the MTR underground is fabulous, clean, efficient and always on time. I normally buy an “octopus” ticket for HK$150 (approx US$20) and this can be used for a week. The hotels are first class as are the restaurants but be prepared, Hong Kong is an expensive city. Taxis are efficient but get your hotel to write out the address, as many taxi drivers don’t understand English. Most speaking venues are in the hotels or at the World Trade Centre and are super efficient. Do your homework before you go. I made some unforgivable blunders in the beginning. The first time I went to Hong Kong, I spoke to a group of approximately 100 Chinese business people. After the talk, many came to meet me and handed their cards to me, which I put into my pocket. I was politely told that I had insulted everyone and was then shown the correct behaviour. The card is handed over and accepted with both hands. You should read it, show appreciation by feeling it and making some gesture and then put it away in your pocket. Always carry a supply of business cards as the culture dictates the swapping of cards immediately.

As I travel to Hong Kong about 4 to 6 times a year, I bought some books on Chinese etiquette, which has assisted me tremendously. The Chinese can appear almost shy to start with, but they enjoy entertainment as much as anyone else. Your talk must contain many educational points, as this is a priority. The people are serious, professional and the hardest working nation I have come across. Never be late for an appointment.

Always expect the unexpected. On my trip last month I spoke to the sales force of a Chinese client that I had worked with twice before. They had moved into new offices where I would be speaking. They have a sales force of around a hundred people and I was expecting to speak in an auditorium. I was surprised to find that I was speaking in a huge office where they would all be sitting at their desks watching me on three giant TV screens. I was standing at the front of the office on a platform where a cameraman was filming and projecting the images (it reminded me of the old machine shops where everyone would be sitting working while an overseer controlled things from the front.)

My next talk was at the FCC (Foreign Colonial Club) and I arrived very early to get a feel of the venue. It was a breakfast talk and the room had been set up taking every last bit of space and leaving no room for the speaker. I quickly had to rearrange things and a factor that I take into account when I speak anywhere in the world is to be very specific about the arrangements and still always arriving early. I arrange a lot of my own speaking tours and it is up to me to ensure that everything meets the client’s expectations. I always tell my Chinese audiences that they can laugh, ask questions and enjoy themselves. Their culture dictates that normally the leader of the group would answer all questions. I am a very enthusiastic speaker and tend to speak fairly quickly, when speaking English to the Chinese I need to be very aware that I need to slow down and ensure that I am understood.

If you enjoy shopping (like me), there is no place like Hong Kong. There are shops literally everywhere. I have found the best places to shop in Mongkok, which contains a ladies market and night market, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui. Gadget junkies will lose themselves at Star City and Wanchai Computer Centre. Nightlife abounds with wonderful restaurants and bars around Soho and Lan Kwai Fong. Taking a trip up the cable car will give you a spectacular view of the city. Take a bus ride to Stanley Bay where you can pick up all kinds of bargains at Stanley market like a beautiful silk tie for about US$1.50. Visit Happy Valley Racetrack or take a boat ride to Aberdeen to see a city of boat people. Enjoy the “Star Ferry” from Hong Kong to Kowloon with the locals or take the hovercraft to Discovery Bay for a game of golf. One of my favourite places is the Island of Chin Chau and a half hour ferry ride will take you to the favourite holiday resort of the locals. Beautiful beaches, no cars (only bicycles) and the best seafood will have you returning more than once. Another hovercraft trip will take you to the Island of Macau, which was previously under Portuguese rule and still has all the influences. The Island of Lantau has the giant Buddha and visit Sea Park with its cable cars that will give you a spectacular view of Hong Kong and will take you to the world’s longest escalator. Speaking opportunities abound, so get it to the top of your “opportunity” list.

If you ever get the opportunity speak in Hong Kong, the people are wonderful and the food and shopping great!

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Technology Tips with Frank Furness & Terry Brock

My ‘brother from another mother’ Terry Brock, recently spent a few days at our home in London. Terry is one of the top technology speakers and journalists in the USA and my wife despairs every time he comes to visit as I end up spending a fortune on the latest tools and technology.

Take a look at the video we produced showing the latest on offer that can help you in your business.

I keep pushing video technology to the limits and will be making another 70 technology video clips in the next few months and uploading these to 50 video sites. Right now video is the thing of the future, here are some of the ways it can help you and your business:

Build a profile on the internet – I have over 100 videos on the net which has generated over 300,000 viewings

Sell your products or services – I always have some action that the viewer can take at the end of each video i.e. redirecting them to a sales page

Building your subscriber list – I get hundreds of new subscribers each week from all over the world from people watching the videos

Use it as an analysing tool – I monitor which videos have the most viewings and comments and then develop products to suit: I know there is an interested audience. Equally if there are very few viewings or comments, I don’t spend much time promoting those products/speeches.

Send viewers to a squeeze page where you can upsell them one of your products or services, get a brochure request or send them something that promotes your business. They are already interested, otherwise that wouldn’t have watched the video

Have your own video channel on YouTube – This will also have people subscribing to your channel, I have over 300 subscribers.

Next month I will also be starting my Video Coaching programme and showing you exactly how to do it. You will learn:

Where to find free programmes that will have you editing in minutes

How to put Hyperlinks on your videos (I searched for years to find this info)

The best sites to promote your videos and where you will even be paid for viewings

How to create your own video channel in minutes with no technical knowledge. Take a look at which I put together in 3 minutes. I make money from the Adwords on the site

How to build your subscriber list using video

Simple software programmes that will take any video, optimise it for the internet and even build the little TV with controls.

How to download videos from YouTube, convert them and use them in your presentations.

Please email me at if you are interested in the programme and I will get the details to you.

Now take a look at the interview with Terry Brock...

Frank Furness CSP CFP is a professional speaker and trainer specialising in sales and technology. He has educated, entertained and inspired audiences in 42 countries. His publications and sales CDs have been sold globally. He is the author of ‘Walking with Tigers - Success Secrets of Exceptional Achievers’ which is available from
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Frank Furness News & Views

Can you believe that we are in April already and this is my first newsletter of the year?

Last year I produced the video sales tips every two weeks and from next month I will be doing the same with video technology tips where I will be reviewing the latest tools that help to grow our businesses, have one free EBook give away and one productivity tip or idea. Please take a look at these as there are some great tips that are making or saving me money in my business.

From May I will also be starting my online coaching programme on how to create an income while you sleep. Please email me at frank@frankfurness for more details.

As you know I launched my new book ‘Walking with Tigers’ last year and now you can watch the video of the incredible good fortune I had to play with these wonderful animals. Click here to watch.
You can also watch and listen to some of the Business Tigers featured in the book including Karan Bilimoria from Cobra Beer, W.Mitchell, Rick Searfoss (astronaut), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and internet Guru Tom Antion. Click here to take a look

In this edition, please take a listen to an interview with publishing guru, Dan Poyner. He will be running a workshop in the UK in July, click here for full details.

On Dan’s valuable advice my book How to Find New Business and Clients’ has been re-written and will be released in the next two weeks in book and EBook formats, watch for details.

I now have over 60 websites and use numerous software tools to automate everything. Over the years I have spent thousands on information EBooks, software and programmes to drive sales on the net as I am a salesman and this is the new global salesroom. I am not a ‘techie’, so don’t want to get bogged down by the technical details, but just want to press a few ’next’ buttons and watch things happen.

I decided to put a one-off offer to people who have bought products or services from me in the past and now have been asked by many of my subscribers to make this available to them. So I have decided to do this only until the 10th April and then will be closing this offer and making the products available separately at the normal prices. Don’t wait, take a look now, there will never be another offer like this (only for PCs, sorry......)

Take a look at the one-off offer Toolkit for business

Success Secrets by Frank Furness

I have always maintained that to be the best in your field, whatever it is, you need to mix with the masters. When I started in sales in 1980, I found the top salesman and asked him if I could shadow him for 2 weeks, He agreed and I learned more from watching him than from all the sales programmes I had attended.

I did the same when I went into speaking, I interviewed some of the top speakers in the world like Zig Ziglar, attended as many talks as I could where I could watch and learn from them and then followed their advice. The same is now happening with my internet marketing business, I try to find the best, spend time with them and learn from them.

Some time ago the whole internet marketing fraternity was abuzz with a young 25 year old called Chris X who developed and marketed a book called Dayjob Killer which made him a million dollars in a short period of time. His next project was called ‘Google Assassin’ and consists of the most incredible software to optimise your site, find out how your competitors are beating you on the internet and making the best use of Adwords.

Once again this product made him over a million dollars in a three week period. I was fortunate enough to meet Chris and his partner in Manchester and spent the afternoon with them finding out how they managed to do this. I discovered that these are very smart people, Chris having qualified in law and Ken as a barrister.

I also had a video interview with them and then reviewed their latest product which you can watch below.
The most important points I learned from them were:
Don’t give up, it took them four years to get where they are now
Develop a circle of likeminded people to work together and mentor each other. Everyone has different strengths, and the power of so many ideas and ways of looking at things is what contributed to their success.
You don’t get rich overnight – it takes time and patience
Build your subscriber list, whatever your business or hobby – build that list
Find products of value that you can market to your subscribers, otherwise they will leave you

Take a look at the video....