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Thursday, May 14, 2020

YouTube Strategies for Business

What are you doing today that is better and different to your competitors? How do you find and attract new clients?

If you are not doing anything that differentiates you from the competition, you could be losing out on a huge amount of potential business.

One of the easiest methods to differentiate your company is to embrace technology and social media. It is easy and can save you time, money and headaches.

One of my favorite social media sites is YouTube and here are some tips, strategies and ideas that can help your business immediately:

·         Have your own YouTube Channel and base the channel name on keywords e.g. Health and Fitness London – IT Security New York

·         Make sure the sound on your videos is clear and mixed and edited well so users can clearly hear it.

·         Create well thought out, professional style videos that are edited properly.

·         Keep your content funny, engaging, and informative so that it will keep viewers watching until the end of the video.

·         Embed your logo and website into the video.

·         Keep the resolution of the video as high as possible

·         Be yourself. Don’t lose sight of the purpose and mission of the video. Think of yourself speaking to a friend in a pub or coffee shop and use the same tone and expressions.

·         Practice before posting the final video. Do a few dry runs before taping and publishing and remember if you are boring, the video will be boring to viewers.

·         Do more than just talk. People don’t want to sit and watch a person just talking to the camera. Make it exciting and interesting as well as fun.

·         Limit your video length to two minutes maximum, most viewers lose interest after this. Look at any movie, the scenes change around every minute.

·         Use the ‘problem, solution and action’ method of filming. An example would be ‘Have you been trying diets and still can’t move that fat (problem) – here are 3 exercises to help you right now (solution) and sign up for our free newsletter or call us to find out about our gym membership (solution)’

·         At the end of each video, ask your viewers to ‘like’ the video and comment, this helps with your rankings.

·         If you are going to use music, use copyright free music’

·         Grab viewers by integrating important keywords into the title. This will help to boost the search engine results.

·         Use keywords in the tags that will lead potential clients to your videos and make the first line of your description is your website address as that is what viewers will see immediately below the video.

·         Choose the most relevant category

·         Make the videos go viral and spread them to as many websites as possible. Once you have uploaded the video, click on the ‘share’ button and then share the video with Twitter, Facebook your Blog and any other social media sites that your business uses.

Remember to use the videos in different ways
·         Videos on the website
·         Meet the team
·         Video testimonials
·         Staff training
·         Expert advice
·         Tip of the week

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Tuesday, May 05, 2020

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