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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Making Money with Youtube

The video revolution is happening. I started my YouTube channel a few years ago and now I have 154 videos, most of them making me money with Adsense.

YouTube has revolutionary tools that you can use, here are just a few:

1 - Multiple videos with keywords - take a look at the opening video on my resources site

Scroll along the bottom of the video and see how you can change to any of 24 other videos in the frame.

2 - You will also notice adverts appearing, I make money with Adsense every time someone clicks on an ad and this is adding up rather nicely right now.

3 - You can create your own custom video player.

4 - You can create your own channel and blog - remember to use keywords in the channel name.

5 - You can now brand your videos, take a look at any of my videos and you will see my logo.

6 - Insight is a brilliant tool that will analyse every video - demographics, age profile and best of all hotspots. This shows you when your video is making most and least impact.

Take a look at the video showing just some of these features:

Remember to download my free Ebook called video Blogging for Profits.

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