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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Video Marketing Strategies | Sales & Marketing Speaker

Frank shares his video marketing strategy that has him dominating page 1 of Google and 4 million views with 6,500 subscribers

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

How to use Flash Drives for Business | USB Memory Direct

I am a professional speaker and author and in the past used to burn CD’s to hand out to delegates.
It was fairly cheap and worked well, but the challenge now is that no-one has CD players anymore and most new computers come without them.
This posed a challenge for me and I found the solution in customizable flash drives. The size I like best is the 2 GB and once I started handing them out to delegates they were blown away.
The advantages are the size (I have video, audio and the PDF presentation of my talk) and also that they work with PCs and MACs
One massive advantage is that they are brandable and people do not throw them away, rather download the material and then keep the flash drive for their own use. For my customers this is great as I am always in front of them. On the front I have my photo (you can have your company logo or product)

And at the back I have all my contact details

The challenge was to find someone reliable that could produce quality at an affordable cost. After trying a few companies, I now only use USB Memory Direct as they always deliver on time and really importantly,answer my emails immediately.

So many of my clients ask where they can get them made and I now always refer USB Memory Direct.

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