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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Life after GDPR, How to Find New Business and Clients

Last month, May 2018, saw the biggest change in privacy law in 20 years in Europe.

It was handled badly with many companies not knowing what to do, fearmongering, and a new raft of experts who all have different ideas on what companies should be doing.

Many companies just ditched their client lists that they had built up over years.

I subscribe to a program with a top social media expert and pay monthly for the latest information and strategies.

When I logged in last week I no longer had access to the information.

I contacted the person and received an email back saying:

  1. Your membership was automatically cancelled as we unfortunately can no longer allow EU citizens to use our online programs. Although we are GDPR compliant and fully support the intention of the law, it was implemented so poorly that one practical joker could report a US-based small business based on zero actual facts, and that business would have to hire an EU based attorney to defend the claim. It’s just not worth the hassle.
  1. I have canceled any recurring subscriptions so you will no longer be billed.
How crazy is it that something like that could happen and that companies would  walk away from existing business because of the new laws.

Soon Australia and China will be following with similar laws and I think many more countries after that.

The biggest losers are the online advertisers who for years have been collecting data about their users and even selling this data to other companies.

I predict that GDPR is not going to be the end of programmatic advertising. The online advertising industry will find new ways to target users while continuing to increase effectiveness.

It has also affected list brokers and many other companies selling data.

From my own company where I help businesses to increase sales, I have had so many customers calling and  asking what to do and how they could now find other ways of prospecting and finding new clients.

All is not lost….

For years now there has been a wonderful tool that I have been using to connect with and attract new business, and I don’t need to be concerned that it will be breaking the GDPR laws.

It is a useful piece of technology called LinkedIn.

I have been using LinkedIn for years to discover and connect with new clients.

If you are in sales I would recommend the following strategies which have worked really well for me:

1 – Optimize your LinkedIn profile for clients and for Google. By getting the right key phrases spread throughout your profile, it will be picked up by both. Please do a Google search for ‘Sales Technology Speaker’ and you will see that I dominate the first page of Google for that search term, but what you will also see is that the key phrase has been picked up from my LinkedIn profile.

2 – By optimizing your profile, you will also be ranked and found in LinkedIn searches.

3 – Don’t write your profile in the third person, but in the first. Anything you do on social media whether it be a blog, video or writing your profile must be written as if you were sitting opposite the person and speaking to them.

4 – Populate your profile with good, relevant content including articles, videos, Slideshare and regular posts. All of this is ‘push’ marketing  where you will be discovered by potential clients in Google and LinkedIn searches and your content will establish you as the ‘go to’ person in your field. Please take a look at my profile
5 – ‘Pull’ marketing is where you will search for, connect with and share your content with targeted prospects.

6 – Identify the industries as well as the positions or titles of your target prospects and make at least 20 searches and personalised invitations daily. You are not falling foul of GDPR if they accept your connection and you can now start a conversation (please don’t try to sell to them at this stage) and when they feel that they like and trust you and see value in your content, they will become clients.

7 – LinkedIn now want us to pay a fortune for the ability to use the advanced search tool, but a good free alternative is

8 – Learn how to use Boolean searches (I have a course on this in the near future) and you can find spreadsheets, PDF’s and a huge amount of information on almost anyone.  You can identify prospects that you can then connect with on LinkedIn

8 – Create a good business LinkedIn page with plenty of content (take a look at my 10 strategies to create a Business LinkedIn profile at

9 – Check on who has looked at your profile and follow up with personalised messages, they could be potential prospects.

I realise that this is a bit of a grind to do daily, so I have set up an offshore team that does this for my business and they also post three pieces of content to every social media channel. This has resulted in about five new enquiries and two new sales weekly.

I am now opening this opportunity to work with my team to a few select people, so if you are interested, please email me at

I have also developed an online course that will demonstrate exactly how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, attract new clients, and use the power of free Search Engine Optimization at

Please take a look at some of my other programs at

Frank Furness CSP CFP is a professional speaker & author specialising in sales and social media. He has educated, entertained and inspired audiences in 62 countries. Book Frank to speak at your next conference, email or telephone + 44 (0) 1923 248200.

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Friday, May 04, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Right brain Selling | Sales Training | Sales Technology Speaker

Sales have changed so much over the years.

About 25% of people are analytical and easy to identify in professions like Accountants, Architects and lawyers. They normally are left brain buyers and interested in facts and figures, very analytical and don’t like to be pushed into a sale.

When they say, ‘I want to think about it’, they really do. 

Give them as much information as you can and preferably with two choices to analyze and they will do their homework and make their decision.

The rest of the population are normally ‘right brain buyers’ and need to be sold to in a totally different way. They are ‘big picture’ buyers and do not want to be blinded by facts and figures.

There are four steps in selling to these buyers:

The first step is provoking thoughts. We live in a visual society and we can involve them visually with pictures and videos on iPads, iPhones or with a printed visual.

Some time ago I was made an appointment with the CEO of a huge company with the goal of running a two-day social media course for them.

I did my homework and discovered that this man was rude and ruthless, but passionate about his business. 

When I arrived, I was directed to the boardroom where there were five of his terrified marketing managers.

He kept us waiting for 15 minutes and then barged into the room and without introducing himself, sat down and said to me ‘tell me why I should hire you.’

In my preparation, I discovered that one of his companies sold motor cycles.

After he asked me the question, I took my iPhone from my pocket and started looking at it. 

I said, ‘what if one of your salespeople met a potential prospect and pulled out his iPhone and showed some videos to them.’

He looked at me like I was crazy and said ‘you’re not telling me anything new’.

I then said ‘What if they could project the presentation onto any surface to demonstrate the motor cycles’ and switched on the world’s smallest projector which was connected to my Iphone and projected the videos.

This interrupted his thought pattern and he was mesmerized. Ten minutes later he walked out of the room, the meeting over and I was booked and introduced some great new marketing ideas to his business.

Breaking thought patterns and provoking ideas are essential for right brain buyers.

The second step in right brain selling is stirring emotions with intelligent questions. 

I use four questions which steers me in the right direction for the sale.

The questions are conversational and are:

My first question is ‘What is the most important factor in you choosing a supplier/company that you would work with?’

Here they share what is important and it could vary from service to delivery and many other factors. Sometimes they try to throw me by saying ‘price’ and I say that if price was not a factor, what else is important.

My second question is ‘why is that important to you’ and they now elaborate. This is time to listen intently as they are telling you what you should be concentrating on and emphasizing when presenting your product or service to win their business.

My third question is asking them about the bad news. ‘What would happen if you chose a supplier and they do not deliver on their promises and give you what is important to you.

At this point they get agitated and tell you how badly it would affect them and the negative consequences it would have on the relationship.

My fourth question focuses on the good news question. What would happen if the supplier you chose delivers exactly as promised?

This again changes their thought pattern and puts them into a positive frame and they share the great things that will happen by choosing the right supplier.

My presentation is now focused on what is important to them, rather than the old-style solution, advantage and benefits and typical product or service sale.

The third step in right brain selling is storytelling.

Everyone loves stories and if you can share real-life stories about how your product or service has helped companies like theirs, they will relate to it and visualize how they could benefit similarly by using your services.

The fourth step in right brain selling is reinforcing the relationship with incredible service and delivering on your promises.

The next time you go on a sale and you identify a right brain buyer, just try some of these techniques, they work.

I have just launched my Sales & Marketing Academy, please take a look.

I will also be launching my online ‘Sales School’ in one month. Please email me at for ‘early bird special discounts’.

Frank Furness CSP CFP is a professional speaker specialising in sales and social media. He has educated, entertained and inspired audiences in 59 countries. Book Frank to speak at your next conference email or telephone UK + 44 (0) 1923 248200 & USA 001 407-412-9317.

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