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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Outtakes and Bloopers | Frank Furness

Not everything goes smoothly when filming. Yesterday a fly flew into my mouth while I was in full flow...

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sales has changed so much over the years, and really dramatically over the past five years.

Having been in sales all my life and now presenting in 65 countries on sales and technology, I love the advances and opportunities.

Sadly, so many companies are still using outdated training or even worse, no training at all. How can you expect to be at the cutting edge of sales if you have not been trained in things like personal branding and marketing, advanced Google searches, Advanced LinkedIn strategies and moving from left to right brain selling…

When I started selling in the eighties, companies gave fantastic sales training and businesses like IBM were at the cutting edge. I remember my cousin who was in sales there being sent home to change his socks because they were the wrong color.

My first training course was three weeks long where we had numerous role plays, technical training and had to learn all kinds of scripts. 

In those days you could still cold call and I remember being told that activity was everything. I had to make at least 20 calls a day, see four people face to face and close one sale.

I did not question the training and did exactly as I was told and within a year was one of the top salespeople. 

When you were in front of a client you had a great chance of building rapport, asking questions and closing the sales. It is still the same today, except the route to getting in front of the client is very different.

Sales people now have to be versed in so many skills including:

  • Sales skills
  • Advanced prospecting skills
  • Psychological skills
  • Technology skills
  • Marketing skills 
  •  Content creation skills

For me the biggest change has been to identify your target prospect, connect with then in a non-threatening manner and educate them on your products and services through great content.

You also need to know about personal marketing and content creation as now the buyer is in control and will do their research and if they find your company or you, they will make a decision based on what they find and see in your website, LinkedIn profile, videos or articles.

Everyone one of us is a buyer and we know the process starts when we do a Google or LinkedIn search. If what we are looking for comes up on the first page, we will research the website and other social channels and then make a decision on what to do next.

How much content are you putting out there for potential buyers and how well is your website optimized. 

There is now a huge focus as well to using landing pages as many potential buyer get confused when going into a busy website and leave without taking any action.

For many salespeople the new way of optimizing and increasing sales is:

1 - Identify very clearly your ideal prospect. Are they the VP of sales in the medical industry in Florida, are they HR manager of in financial services companies in Australia…
Identify the industry, area and position of the person you want to sell to.

2 – Understand and learn about Advanced Google or Boolean searches. If you understand how this works, you can get unlimited data on the ideal prospects you would like to contact.

3 – If you are not using the paid version of LinkedIn and don’t have the advanced search capability, try using which has great search capabilities.

 To really understand Boolean Searches, please watch the video below.

4 - Take a look at the potential clients and if their profile fits, connect with them via LinkedIn.

5 – When connecting, customize your greeting. 

In my LinkedIn course, I show at least 5 different templates to connect, ask for a connection and reply when someone takes a look at your profile. 

These have been developed by some of the smartest LinkedIn specialists -  

6 – Consider using a video squeeze landing page to reply to anyone viewing your profile. 

Take a look at how I have set this up, click on the image below to play the video:

7 – Create valuable content and share this on all the platforms. This way you become the authority in your area of expertise. By sharing the correct hashtags and keywords, you also make it easier to be found.

8 – Take a look at your Social Selling Index to see how well your profile has been optimized -
Part 2 of the new world of sales will be out in January.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

How to use YouTube for Search Engine Optimization

I have been using video for the past 10 years for marketing and it far outperforms any other social medium that I use.

I have an 18 point plan in creating videos which I share on my Video & YouTube Marketing course - and I want to share some of the strategies in this article.

Once my video has been created, I have found the best results happen when I use my formula COPE – Create Once Share Everywhere.

1 – the first place I upload my video is to YouTube. I have over 700 videos, 4 million views and 7,000 subscribers on my channel

In the past I was able to generate hundreds of thousands of views with each video, but this has now substantially decreased since there is so much video uploaded every minute.

YouTube is still always the first place I upload my video and the main reason is for Search Engine Optimization. 

Google owns YouTube and if you know how to use the right keywords and where, there is a good chance you could get onto the first page of a Google search via YouTube.

Wherever you are in the world, please type in the phrase ‘sales technology speaker’ into a Google search and chances are that I will dominate that search term. You will also notice that the first thing that comes up after the paid ads are some of my YouTube videos.

I have no idea which videos will appear as there are different videos each week. My strategy is to make at least one new video each week and have the keywords in the right places. The first place I put the phrase is in the title or headline of the video.

Go to Creator Studio, Video manager and find the video you need to optimize. Click on the edit button as shown on the picture below.

Go to the title or headline and put in the name of your video, a space, a pipe (|) and your search term phrase.

Next go to the description and in the very first line put in the link to your website or landing page. 

Next make your description as comprehensive as possible and add links and your key search phrase.
Thirdly add as many tags as are relevant and always include the same search phrase as above.

Next ensure you have an eye catching thumbnail and my favourite software tool I use almost daily is Graphics creator -

Please ensure that you add the video to your playlists and you have the correct category.

2 – the second place I upload my video is to LinkedIn.

 I am getting ten times more views on LinkedIn than on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo combined. Right now it is the best place on the planet for business marketing.

3 – Upload to Facebook using the native video ie upload the original video from your computer or phone to Facebook, never use a link.

4 – Upload the video to Vimeo and the other video sites and share these links on all your social media channels.

Take a look at the video I have created to explain everything in the article.

Please take a look at my online Video & YouTube Marketing course  with 75 videos and every other kind of resource included….copyright free music and images, lower thirds, video and photo backdrops for greenscreen, TV studios and much, much more-

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How to use LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn has become one of the most important social media channels now for business.
Most people have an account, but don’t realise the power it has in branding, sales, search engine optimization and getting exposure vis video, posts or articles.
There are a few fundamental things you need to do to optimize your profile….
1 – Have a good business photograph. I don’t even bother connecting with anyone that does not have a decent photo.
2 – Think Search Engine Optimization. Write down four phrases that potential clients or visitors would type into a google search to find businesses like yours. Use a tool like Google Keyword Planner or  to ensure that people are actually looking for that search term.

3 – Go into the edit section and then headline and type in the 4 key phrases. Between each phrase put in a space, a pipe (|) and then the next phrase 

4 – Go to the summary section and write in the first person as if you were speaking to someone directly. All social media is aimed at one person…in an article write as if one person is reading it…in a video film as if you are speaking directly to one person. Please take a look at my profile as an example

5 – Use keywords and phrases throughout this section. Remember to optimize it for Google and the reader.

6 – When connecting with someone, the most effective method is by using a video landing squeeze page. 

7 – Make use of some of the great tools like to create a chat-bot

There are many more strategies I share in my course

I have also created a video that shares all the strategies that I have just shown.

Frank Furness is a Sales & Marketing Keynote Speaker and Author. Please take a look at his free online course at
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