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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How to create Great Headlines by Frank Furness
I am constantly asked what software I use and how I apply that software in my programmes. I will be sharing some of these great resources twice a month in a short e-mail that links to audio or video that shows how it works. This week I'd like to share how I create headlines.
I produce many products and have to create a great salesletter to promote them. I also need to promote myself as a speaker and in letters, so have to produce great headlines to grab my prospect's attention. Unfortunately, I am not the most creative person around so I use many tools and resources to help me. I have been using Headline Creator for a number of years now, and find that it is brilliant.
I need to follow four quick steps and within seconds I have a hundred headlines to choose from.
Take a look at the video and see how easy it is....Click Here or go to
To go directly to the resource page without seeing the video, click