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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Best Functional Trainer | The Keiser Story | Keiser Fitness

As a motivational speaker on sales and social media, I am fortunate to get to present to and work with some of the best companies in the world.

I love working in the health and fitness industry and there are certain clubs and equipment that really stand out and make a difference.

My favorite club in the world is Gainesville Health and Fitness that was started by the legendary Joe Cirilli.

Having worked with this club, I discovered that they have a dedicated social media team to attract and retain members and standards that I have never seen in other club.

They have an 80 page training manual that everyone adheres to that includes dress codes, standards and how to create wonderful member experiences.

I work out in the gym regularly and my favorite equipment is Keiser. 

I wanted to find out more about this company and the great equipment and discovered that the Keiser story began over 35 years ago when Dennis Keiser was hired to design the first variable resistance machines for a leading manufacturer.

They were unhappy with the limits of iron based training, so he and his brother Randy created an alternative that used compressed air and was much smoother and way more controlled.

It is amazing that now the world's top sports teams and Olympians all use Keiser as it is considered the best functional trainer.

It’s awesome that when you design incredible equipment, that best compliment that can be paid is that it is the equipment of choice for the world’s top sports teams and Olympians.

I love this equipment and suggest that the next time you go to the gym, you try it yourself and let me know about your experience.
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