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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Improve Your Selling Skills

Travelling around the world and working with many organisations, the biggest challenge with most companies is still how to find more clients and drive more sales.

So many organisations are not arming their sales teams with the latest tools and strategies and most have not attended a sales course for years.

If top sports athletes and Olympians are constantly being coached and improving their skills, why are we not doing the same with our sales teams?

There is so much new information on how to use sales intelligence to find new clients, connect better with clients and sell more. The challenge once again is that our salespeople don't know about these skills.

LinkedIn is one of the best tools for sales consultants and used well, can be used to find and attract new customers.

After many requests, I have now decided to run my one day Sales Masterclass again. Please email me at for dates and locations.

Book for London at

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The Sales Masterclass will include 'Back to basics' information plus advanced sales strategies. If you are at all involved in sales, this is the masterclass for you. 

We start at 9am and finish at 4.30pm and teas/coffees and lunch are included.

Content for the day includes:

The sales cycle and finding new clients

  •     Understanding the sales cycle  
  •     Characteristics of successful salespeople  
  •     Effective networking strategies  
  •     How to get referrals
  •     Clubs and social networking
  •     Centres of influence  
Sales Intelligence
  • Changes in the way clients buy 
  • Understanding Boolean queries 
  • How and why to use advanced Google search strategies 
  • Finding emails for clients
  • Locating decision makers
  • How to find endless targeted prospects for your business
  • Where to find the advanced search engines for LinkedIn, Facebook, News & Blogs
  • LinkedIn for Search Engine Optimisation
  • Your personal profile – essential elements to attract and connect with clients
  • Your business profile – 5 essentials to connect with clients

The Sales Call

  • Pre-call preparation – discovering relevant information about your potential client
  • The sales call – where to source information that will build rapport and show you care
  • Referrals – modern strategies that will ensure referrals on every call
  • Customer based selling
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • The power of listening 

The psychological factors of selling

  •  Moving from left to right brain selling
  •  Dealing with different personalities
  •  Body language 

Personal Marketing

  •       How to produce electronic newsletters
  •       How to create content that will connect with clients
  •       The importance of personal marketing to attract & connect with clients