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Friday, July 27, 2007

Selling to Detailed Focused Buyers

In the last issue we looked at Security focused buyers. Now we will see what motivates the Detailed based buyers and how we can recognise and adapt to get the best results when selling to them.

Detail Focused Buyers

Think of engineers, accountants, computer analyists and any detail focused professions and you will normally be dealing with an analytical or detail focused buyer. You can't sell to these people in the usual way. They will analyze, research and buy only when they feel they have explored every possibility. Dealing with this type of buyer, realise that they like to buy from specialists, so ensure that you know what you're talking about and have as much relevant data with you as possible.

This is the total opposite of my style, yet when we moved to London, my biggest client base was dentists and computer analysts. As I know their buying patterns, I was very successful and they referred me to many others in their profession who saw me as a specialist. I would always give them an abundance of data and a few different options as well as sufficient time for analysis.

Then I simply asked which option they felt was the right one and the business would follow.
Impress them by: Thoroughness
Ask questions that: Are detailed
Support their: Thoughts
Demonstrate your: Detailed knowledge
Make benefits: Provable
Show commitment by: Being systematic
Be impressed by their: Their status
Best close: Detailed summary

What this is really illustrating, is that you must be like a chameleon when selling. Very quickly recognise what type of buyer you are selling to and change your selling style to suit the way they buy, not the way you sell. For instance, let's say you are an over the top enthusiast, you will need to tone down and have a lot more facts and information than you would normally feel comfortable with if you are dealing with a detail focused buyer. Remember, people like to do business with people similar to themselves who they like, trust and feel comfortable with.

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