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Friday, March 24, 2006

Inspired Leadership
Frank Furness
Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at a conference for Cobra Beer. This is the third time I have spoken for them and it is one that I look forward to each year as they are one of the greatest teams I have worked with. (Another reason is that when I arrive home my trunk is filled with beers and wine).
I love seeing great leadership in action and certainly one of the finest leaders I have ever seen is Karan Bilimoria, CEO of Cobra Beer. Last year he was the UK Businessman of the year and presently he is in line for Entrepreneur of the year. He ‘addressed the troops’ and had them and me mesmerised with his talk. His philosophy with Cobra is to be different, better and open to new markets.
Just think about that with your business, looking at your competitors: how can you be different, better and open new markets. Karan also told a story of how his father told him that if he was ever asked to do something, to do it with enthusiasm, passion and then do a little more. Do something extra, something that was not asked of him. He has also has the motto ‘never give up, never ever give up’. I left there totally inspired as was everyone else in the company. If you are running any type of organisation, always be inspiring your people and making them believe in themselves.
The way you treat your staff is the way they will treat your customers. In the photograph you can see one of Cobra’s new beers, ‘King Cobra’. It is the smoothest beer I have tasted and comes in a gorgeous champagne sized bottle.
Take a listen to an interview with Karan which is also available on my goal setting resource package ‘It’s all about you’.
Listen to an interview on Leadership with Karan Bilimoria

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