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Friday, March 24, 2006

Media Tactics
Frank Furness

Have you ever worked on a project that seems to take forever? At the beginning of this year I recorded a triple CD with on Media tactics with Michael Dodd and have only now released the final product. I guess part of it was my travelling and Michaels schedule, he lectures all over the world on media as well as at Westminster University and has a regular slot on Sky TV. Although Michael lives in London, he is from Australia and sadly he had to report on the Ashes Cricket tour that England won.
The first time I had a TV appearance, I had no idea what to expect, was terrified and decided immediately that I needed media training. I joined Michael’s programme and was amazed at how the media can either glorify or crucify you. I also realised the importance of media knowledge in business and how this can enhance your company, brand and increase profits (I love that phrase).
Here are some tips that I learned from Michael:
For Print Interviews:
• Find out what the angle is that the journalist is pursuing.
Ensure that the reporter understands your points
Provide good ‘quotes’, this is what reporters look for
Remember, nothing is ‘off the record’
TV and Radio
Have a key message prepared
Have 3 key points to discuss
Have a headline to sum up your most important point
Sound confident and in control, especially in the first 10 seconds
Use stories as examples
Mix emotions and fact
Be warm and human, you are the star of the show
Never use one word answers
Be as honest as you can with the interviewer
Speak authentically
Relax and have a good time
No one-word answers – ever
Think detail, think colour, think story
Take a listen to a cut from our Triple CD Resource ‘Media Tactics’

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