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Monday, July 03, 2006

Hollywood Hails

I’ve just returned from speaking in Hollywood again at the Dottie Walters Magnificent Marketing Symposium. What an experience to share the stage with so many great speakers. It is the third time that I have spoken with Tom Antion who is an internet marketing genius. He lives in a 17 room house at Virginia Beach and runs a weekend training programme each month to teach six people how to become internet millionaires. They are collected at the airport in a limo; enjoy 6 star luxuries at Tom’s house and work incredibly hard to understand the strategies that Tom uses to make millions from the internet each year. Take a look at what you can expect.
Other great speakers included Gayl Murphy, the Hollywood correspondent who speaks on media tactics. She had to leave early on Sunday to do an interview with Robin Williams. James Malinchak shared the techniques he uses to generate a million in income each year speaking on the college circuit, Jill Lublin spoke on Guerrilla Publicity, her best selling book and Kathi Dunn shared ideas on Book cover design. She does the design work for top selling authors including Anthony Robbins and Deepak Chopra. These were just a few of the incredible speakers that spoke at the symposium. I have outlined some of the learning points as they may be relevant to you in your business..
Apart from presenting my session, I learned so much from the others and realised how little I really know. I read three books a week to try to keep up with what is happening in the business world and it astounds me at the number of people complaining about how tough business is, and yet don’t invest in themselves. They never read, listen to educational and motivational CDs or attend any courses. The most successful people I meet on my travels are those that are willing to learn and keep learning.
Remember what I said before, in your market what are you doing that is different and better than your competitors and why should they do business with you rather than the competition?
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Suzanne Stanford said...

Great recap of the Dottie Walter's event. I was there and can confirm that your presentation was packed with useful info that I am already putting to work!