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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Keys to Succeeding in Business – Walking with Tigers

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Here is an excerpt from the book:

Make time and take time
Perhaps this point won’t be too popular with those who employ tigers but it is essential to take sufficient holidays. Nobody has the capacity to work hard all of the time and if that’s what you rely on to get you to the top you will burn out at some stage. Colds, fatigue and stress are all symptoms of a scorched earth policy in business. It’s no way to keep a grip on the upper echelons of performance.

A top achiever I know in South Africa takes every eleventh week off. At the beginning of each year he takes his planner and draws a line through that week to ensure he is off diary. This is when he goes on holiday, spends time with his family, unwinds and recharges. He does this regardless of conventions or business meetings. The habit has become like a religion for him. And for the last 20 years he has become one of the top producers not only in his company but also in the insurance industry.

Of course, high level executives ensure they are ready for any task ahead. Perhaps it goes without saying that they are organized at work with the necessary training and information under their belts and plenty of preparation goes into each day so they can perform at their best, as previous points in this book have already shown.

But they put just as much effort into their domestic duties. Tigers have their holidays booked, go to their children’s concerts or sports matches, attend family functions and also devote time to playing sport, supporting charities and being at community events.

The devil is in the detail and it’s an area our tigers stay ahead of the game. Consider your life at the moment. If there are any areas that demand more organization start putting together a plan of action.

Ask yourself some challenging questions. How much quality time do you spend with your family? How effective is your exercise routine? Have you stopped doing any of the recreations or pastimes that you once enjoyed? What can you do right now to lead a more balanced life?

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