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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Newsletter Update

Welcome to the latest newsletter and apologies it has taken so long since the last one. I have been travelling all over and at last had a chance to sit down and share some information.

It has been an interesting year and fascinating to see how different countries and cultures have adapted to the downturn in the economy.

After months of development work, the Productivity Centre is up and running and great value with over a thousand resources for growing your business and increasing your productivity. Please take a look at the website and download the flyer

Anyone signing up in the next 2 weeks will also get a copy of my Ebook ‘How to Find New Clients and Business’.

I am currently finishing another EBook ‘Internet Marketing for Newbie’s’ with great information and links to some of the best sites and free resources on the net. As soon as it is ready, it will be available for you for free.

I am also intending to do a shorter and more regular newsletter with marketing tips and videos in the New Year, so spending some time this month producing the videos.
Why not spoil yourself or your clients this festive season and buy a business card scanner.

All those cards that have been piling up for months could be potential business.

From now until Christmas there will be additional bonus software worth £80 for anyone investing in their card scanner on

January is a good time for a sales 'kick-off', so please give me a call to come in and work with your team.

I will also be doing some international work, so if you see that I will be in your area, please contact me to arrange a presentation:

Singapore & Malaysia - Jan 24-30

Hong Kong - Feb 2-5

Iran - Feb 16-26

Dubai & Abu Dhabi - Feb 27-March 5

South Africa - March 10-16

Download all my presentations and take a look here for more details.

Have a wonderful festive season and may next year be a great one for you.

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