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Thursday, January 31, 2013

FaceBook Strategies for Health & Fitness Clubs

What are you doing today that is better and different to your competitors? How do you find and attract new members? If you are not doing anything that differentiates you from the competition, you could be losing out on a huge amount of potential business.

One of the easiest methods to differentiate your club is to embrace technology and social media. It is easy and can save you time, money and headaches.

One of my favorite social media sites is Facebook and here are some tips, strategies and applications that can help your club immediately:

Today, there are thousands of applications on Facebook that can help your club in marketing.

BizGreet is the only application on Facebook that can offer a personalization greeting.
It goes beyond just greeting your members and potential members with their first name. Since Facebook offers plenty of information about your prospects (whether they’re married, their interests, etc.), you could also use such information to your advantage and personalize the greeting.

This application is a MUST-HAVE if your club has a food and beverage area. It’s free, easy to use and most importantly, it is what your members are looking for before they plan their after tennis dinner.

With Calliflower, you can organize business meetings anytime, anywhere with an internet access. The interface is user-friendly can you can set up a meeting with your team in minutes.

Create a PowerPoint presentation showcasing all the benefits and features of your club and then upload it to

If you’re already using SlideShare to share your presentations online then you can connect the account to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Developed by Wildfire Interactive Inc, this application will enable you to easily create and launch promotions and marketing campaigns over Facebook for a budget of less than $50.
Leveraging on an application like this for your Facebook marketing activities will skyrocket your branding success mainly because you will have a unique promotion activity that is built around your club’s brand or product.

This is another great application to have on your Facebook Page. By having regular polls, your customers will constantly find your Page interactive and fun.

Plus, it’s a great way to find out what your prospects are looking for, and you as the club owner or marketer can easily deliver to their desires.

Also remember that you can also use polls on LinkedIn

YouTube Video Box is an application which you can add as a tab to your Page if you constantly produce videos as part of your entire social media marketing campaign.

Just imagine all videos that can be showcasing your club: facilities, training tips, meet the team, expert advice, health tips, tennis tips and plenty more.

I guarantee that your competition will not have this….

If you have a shop at the club and want to increase online sales, this application is guaranteed to increase your sales revenue for you because it provides another avenue for your customers to see your latest range of products.

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