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Thursday, July 11, 2019

How to use LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn has become one of the most important social media channels now for business.
Most people have an account, but don’t realise the power it has in branding, sales, search engine optimization and getting exposure vis video, posts or articles.
There are a few fundamental things you need to do to optimize your profile….
1 – Have a good business photograph. I don’t even bother connecting with anyone that does not have a decent photo.
2 – Think Search Engine Optimization. Write down four phrases that potential clients or visitors would type into a google search to find businesses like yours. Use a tool like Google Keyword Planner or  to ensure that people are actually looking for that search term.

3 – Go into the edit section and then headline and type in the 4 key phrases. Between each phrase put in a space, a pipe (|) and then the next phrase 

4 – Go to the summary section and write in the first person as if you were speaking to someone directly. All social media is aimed at one person…in an article write as if one person is reading it…in a video film as if you are speaking directly to one person. Please take a look at my profile as an example

5 – Use keywords and phrases throughout this section. Remember to optimize it for Google and the reader.

6 – When connecting with someone, the most effective method is by using a video landing squeeze page. 

7 – Make use of some of the great tools like to create a chat-bot

There are many more strategies I share in my course

I have also created a video that shares all the strategies that I have just shown.

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