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Thursday, March 28, 2019

How to get rid of related videos with YouTube

One of my pet hates is the related videos that show at the end of every one of my YouTube videos.

Up until December last year you could go into the share section and untick the box to show related videos.

In December, YouTube in their infinite wisdom decided to take away this feature and now forces the related videos on every video shown on YouTube.

This is really frustrating as some of these videos are embedded on my Website and at the end of the video may move a prospect or client away from my site and I could lose business.

I have found three solutions to overcome this challenge.

1 – When making your video, at the end of the video just add 20 seconds of black space. The related videos will still show, but people watching will close the video long before it gets to the end of the 20 seconds.

2 – Put in a great call to action (see below) at the end of your video for viewers to connect to one of your other videos or to your channel. Also make this about 20 seconds long, so that the viewer will either click to your channel or other videos or close the video before the related videos show.

3 – Use other hosting platforms like Wistia or Vimeo (paid version) who at this stage don’t force the related videos.

Please take a look at my video where this is clearly demonstrated -
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