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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Making Money on the Internet

It's amazing how many people have great sites, but very little traffic. There are many ways to drive more traffic to your site and one of the easiest is have a linking strategy. The more links you have, the more the search engines love you and promote you.
For me the easiest two ways of developing link strategies are through articles and links with people I know and other sites that have high rankings.
Here are some effective ideas for writing articles:
Keep it short and to the point – don’t ramble.
Pace and balance - Write a quick summary of each paragraph, then develop each one with three or four supporting sentences. Close with a motivating call to action.
How-To, "7 Tips" and Q&A are immensely popular. Use sub headlines in bold type to help guide their eyes down the page.
Focus on the customer.
Include a call to action - "Visit us today to find out how great prospecting ability can make a world of difference for your business!"
If you have written any articles, finish them with your contact details which includes a link to your website. You now submit these to article directories for others to download and put onto their websites. Because there is a link in your article, you have an automatic link back to your website. Just imagine if you have 20 articles which have been downloaded and linked 200 times, your traffic will soar.
Submit your articles to
this new directory where there are not yet thousands of articles there where yours will get lost amongst the many.
I also swap links with everyone I know, so if you have a website and would like to swap links, drop me an email with the details to
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