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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Planning for 2007

It’s that time of year again, when we decide that we’re going to hit the gym every day to lose those excess pounds we have just gained and get a body like a Greek God. It’s the time we plan to spend much more time with the family, less time at work but at the same time make a ton of money this year so that we can retire in the sunshine and spend our days travelling to exotic places.
Three weeks later we will be wondering what possessed us to think those crazy thoughts.
It is the time right now to reflect on last year and to make realistic goals for 2007, but my advice is to build in plenty of personal time and fun goals for yourself. I had so much fun travelling and speaking last year and made many more good friends around the world. As you all know I love my food and Chennai and Cochin in South India were highlights as was the ‘Capital Grill’ in Kansas City (thanks EO).
In this newsletter there is a ton of new info, Ebooks, software and much more.
Please go to the free downloads link for the free Ebooks and software, and even if you have been there before, I have added plenty of new stuff including audio editors and other software and some best selling books – all for free. Also go to my resources website where there are new videos, information and a new section on Hints, tips and tricks.
Take a look at the ‘Speaking Tips’ in the newsletter for copyright free music and one free download or go straight to music.html
My good friend Francis West from FWCS has also contributed and opened up his resources section to all my subscribers.
Take a look as there is great information and free Microsoft training videos and tips . Go to
Take a look at the ‘Motivation Tips’ for my section on my friend Rick Searfoss on his experience as an astronaut. Then take a listen to the interview with fantastic tips and advice on how, what he learned, can be applied to business and personal goals. Also take a look at the incredible photos taken from outer space.
The final free gift is an Ebook called Expect More From 2007 which is a collection of resources and tips from myself and friends from all over the world.
The next Speakers Bootcamp will be at Latimer just outside London on the 24/25 February 2007.
Bootcamp details or email for an eBrochure

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