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Friday, December 29, 2006

Speaking Tips - Planning for 2007 and Royalty Free Music

Right now is the best time to plan for the year. Start by analysing what your average fee was for last year, NOT YOUR STANDARD FEE.

Take into account the talks you gave pro bono or at a lower or discounted rate. Simply, take the number of all your talks and divide this by your actual speaking income and divide the two, you may be surprised by the results.

Use this figure when you next plan your intended income target for speaking this year. Divide your target by your average for the last year and you will come up with your target number of talks for 2007. Do the same for your training, consulting, coaching and products.

Unless you are famous, written a best seller or a TV presenter, you are going to have to do some serious marketing. Candice and I have a 17 point marketing plan each year and right now we are overhauling all our marketing materials. That clip that looked great five years ago will have you cringing now, so like any normal business we have to work on our branding, prospecting, marketing and selling, we have to see ourselves as businesses, not speakers.

Royalty Free Music

We are all looking for great royalty free music and I have found a great site with excellent music.

If you need royalty-free music for your info products, to use as a music intro/outro for your voice on a web site, for your greeting on your opt-in page, your recorded audio products etc., this is THE BEST value that I've ever seen

Click here for your Royalty Free Music

Stock 20 charges only $7 per song and that includes multiple versions! From short 10 second ones, to the longer versions that are 3-4 minutes. That's a ONE- TIME fee.

And if you create an account with my link above, they will send you a $7 discount -- which means you can get your first free.

I've paid thirty dollars before for ONE version of a music track -- but no more. Stock 20 is such better value, so go to this link right now and register to get your first track free.


Anonymous said...

Hey that means I can sign up as several persons and always get free tracks. What a great recommendation. The down side is that I am sure plenty of people will be using this guys music and probably sound to common.

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw another site selling for $5. Guess they are really killing each other for our good. Soon it will be freeee! Wonder why they even do it. But honestly you get what you pay for ... or don't. I rather use my Garage Band to come up with something myself.