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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Overcoming Objections and Closing Sales

Here are some tips on overcoming objections
Say to them ‘let’s talk about that’ & get them talking about their reason for objecting
If you hear a price resistance, ask ‘Is this a money or value question’
Question the Objections
‘Let’s discuss that’
‘That’s interesting, would you mind expanding’
‘Tell me more’
Lead-ins for answering objections
“You've raised an excellent point there…..”
“I see what you mean….”
“What you say is correct…..”
“I can appreciate your concern…..”
Ask for a trial order
Would you like to try us on a smaller trial basis. This way you can sample our quality and service
The Close or Future Commitment Plan
Shall we commit to 50…………..
Will that be okay with you
Should we proceed on the upgraded order
Moving Forward
Pete, you seem to be in agreement, how do you suggest we move forward
Mary, what can we do to speed up the process
Amy, this sounds just like what you’re looking for, are you ready to proceed

Here are this issues three closing scripts
The Similar Situation Close – Here you would relate a situation similar to your prospective client and let them realise that they could have similar consequences. It would sound something like this ‘You know, about a month ago, I had a client facing a decision similar to the one you’re considering today. He went ahead with our comprehensive medical plan and had a need to use it just last week. The situation was unfortunate; however, his burden would have been doubled had he not gone ahead with the insurance.’
The Cost of Delay Close – This is a close where you highlight the additional costs that the client could occur if they delayed the purchase. Examples are “As you know, houses in the area have increased in value by 30% in the last year, the longer you wait to purchase, the more it will cost you” or “Interest rates are increasing by 1% next month and this could add a lot to the loan in the long term. Let’s get the paperwork completed today and have the rate fixed at the lower amount”.
The Secondary Question Close – This is where you ask a minor question that would have them commit to closing the purchase. If you were selling life insurance it would be “Who would you like to nominate as the beneficiary”. If you were selling appliances it would be “Would you like to take the extended warranty?” If they commit to the minor close, assume that they are in agreement and complete the paperwork.

Right now I am an International motivational speaker specialising in sales and technology, but where I learned my selling skills was in financial services where I qualified amongst the top half percent of salespeople in the world at the Million Dollar Round Table ‘Top of the Table’ level.

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