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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Technology Tools to make More Money and Increase Sales

What are you doing today that is better and different to your competitors? How do you find and attract new clients? If you are not doing anything that differentiates you from the competition, you could be losing out on a huge amount of potential business.
One of the easiest methods to differentiate your practice/organisation is to embrace technology. It is easy and can save you time, money and headaches. In each issue we will be exploring technology tools and tips for productivity.

Digital Recorders – are now tiny and can store up to 44 hours of professional recording. Once you have completed a meeting with a client, dictate the notes into the recorder connect it to your computer and download the sound file. This can then be used as a dictating machine and the information typed or prior to your next meeting with this client, just take a listen to the recording on your computer. I have also used the digital recorder to record client testimonials and put these on my website, record interviews with business leaders on leadership and entrepreneurship and shared these with my existing clients and recorded my new book for transcription.

Voice Recognition - I first used voice recognition software 5 years ago and with my accent, I would dictate in English and it would transcribe in gobbledygook. Now with the latest recognition (Dragon 9 Professional) I can put on my headset, speak at a normal pace and it will type automatically into Microsoft word at about 95% accuracy. The secret with voice recognition is that you need to take time to train the software to your accent and jargon. You can even use it to answer your email. You can also link your digital recorder to the voice recognition. Imagine dictating into your digital recorder, linking to your computer and then just sitting back watching as the recorder downloads the sound files. This automatically links with the voice recognition, opens it and transcribes into word. How much time and money could you save (don’t let your secretary read this…)
You now have the time for that extra game of golf (called prospecting)

Card scanners – We all need to be constantly attending networking meetings to meet new potential clients. We normally return with a mountain of business cards that we hope to input into the database but never get around to doing. The latest Cardscanners are tiny and can scan with 100% accuracy and then export to outlook or whatever database you use. The secret with networking is to get in touch with these new contacts as soon as possible. Take a look at

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