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Sunday, November 04, 2007

How to get your book in the top 10 of Amazon by Frank Furness

As you know I am huge believer in product and my own product range now has 32 products with over 100 CDs and DVDs. Now a new bug has bitten - the book bug. Having seen the success of ‘Walking with Tigers’, I have now rewritten my self- published book ‘How to find New Clients and Business’. It will published at the end of November (a great Christmas Gift), but my biggest concentration will be selling it as an EBook directly and through affiliates.

I am negotiating my next published book and will also be self publishing three more books next year, one on sales, one on how to get hired and get that job, and another on how to recruit and manage a dynamic sales team.

Having sold thousands of my self published book ‘How to Find New Clients and Business’, it was a challenge with my new published book as most of the marketing and PR was to be done by the publishers. I decided that I had to do a lot myself and if I could get a high ranking on Amazon, most bookshops would take notice, so here are the strategies I used and the mistakes I learned from:

1 – In the pre published form I had my publishers send out a copy of the manuscript to top business leaders and people I respected (I gave them the list to send it to). Many of those replied and gave some great comments that I could use on the cover. Most noted was a personal letter from Raymond Ackerman, the founder of Pick and Pay in South Africa and one of the most successful businesspeople in the world. I was thrilled that he had taken the time to read the book and write back and even more so when he sent me a personal email after he received his copy of the book.
His testimonial reads: ‘I really enjoyed reading this book, as it reminded me so much of things that I have tried to do in my life and the way I live. His story is put in such an excellent way, with huge empathy and enthusiasm….I think all people who want to become ‘Tigers’ could learn so much from Frank, and the light-hearted yet in-depth thinking he has put in this book. ‘Raymond Ackerman, founder of Pick ‘n Pay Stores.’

2 – I asked my publishers to print me 1000 copies of the book cover. On the back there was some excellent sales copy and a pre order form. I handed these out wherever I presented.

3 – I planned a mass buying opportunity on Amazon on the launch date. Using internet marketing techniques, I purchased some resale rights products and mailed everyone on my newsletter list informing them that if they bought the book from Amazon on the 29th September, they would be directed to another site where they could download $500 worth of products as a gift for buying the book. Everything was set up beforehand by me using auto responders and it all went smoothly. I was actually flying from Hong Kong to Malaysia that day and the automation process worked a treat.

4 – Before the launch I also contacted a number of my friends who also have large subscription lists and many of them promoted the bonuses to their subscribers.

5 – I created 2 videos with the cover as a background and uploaded them to YouTube also offering the bonus package to anyone who bought from Amazon on the 29th. Take a look at

6 – I wrote 3 articles promoting the book and the bonuses and included a section of the book as a preview. I then used some great software to submit it to 163 article directories on the web.

7 – I wrote another article and put it on my Blog – see and received a number of comments immediately. I also ‘pinged’ the blog so that it would spread to blog directories all over the internet.

8 – I met with the South African distributors – Penguin Books - on my last trip to SA in June and again in London last month. Their publicity department has done an amazing job and lined up TV, radio and book signings for my trip to South Africa later this month.

9 – I met with the Asian distributors - Pansing – on my trip to Singapore. They will be organizing promotions when I am there in January. I have done the same for my trip to Australia in February and the USA in March.

10 – I an engaging the services of a well known publicist in the United Kingdom.

1 – Launching on a Saturday. My final reminder email was sent on the Saturday morning and many of the emails were only opened on the Monday, thereby missing the Saturday launch. I am sure if I had organized this for a weekday I could have reached number one or two.

2 – Relying heavily on a number of people to send it to their subscriber lists. Of the 15 who committed to do it, only five actually did and I will do the same for them when they launch their next book or product.

3 – Having Amazon pre order more books, although they did not want to commit to this for an unknown author. Many people who bought the book had to wait while Amazon ordered in stocks and them sent them out.

4 – Not following up with my publishers aggressively enough regarding foreign translation enquiries and distribution I received from some foreign distributors.

5 – MOST IMPORTANTLY – not negotiating a high enough discount for me to buy books to resell.
As you can see, it has taken a huge amount of time and energy to do this and it is the same in any business, you have to make the effort and use multiple marketing strategies to move the business forward.

As a postscript, I have been contacted by two major publishers to help them harness the power of the internet and may be setting up a separate company with one of them. I will also be running a Masterclass and producing an Ebook for potential publishers. So the time and effort was worthwhile after all.

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