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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Brilliant Berlin PLUS South Africa win the Rugby World Cup


Thanks to everyone who helped me to get my book ‘Walking with Tigers’ to number 5 for best sellers and number 2 for movers and shakers on Amazon. In the sales column I will share the sales & marketing strategies I used to get there.

As you know one of the favourite parts of my work is the International travel. I recently spoke at the Entrepreneurs University for the second year running and this time it was in Berlin. I love presenting to this group of young, enthusiastic and talented people from all over the world who set and achieve massive goals and are inspirational to be around. It is also a great opportunity for me to network and as a result this has produced speaking bookings in Singapore, USA and Dubai.

It was my first time in Berlin and I fell in love with the city and its people. Our hotel was right in the middle of the ‘no go zone’ and I could see remnants of the Berlin wall from my room. It was fascinating to visit all the places I have read about and see how this city is now once again dynamic and thriving after breaking down the walls and welcoming in East Berlin.

I heard many moving stories of families that were split up and who after many years came together again. I visited Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial and was even treated to supper at the house of one of the EO members. This house was located in the old East Berlin and belonged to a KGB officer in days past.

The highlight of the event was the black tie dinner at the Olympic Stadium. Tables were laid out in the middle of the stadium and contingents from each country entered the stadium with their flag and national anthem playing, just the same as the Olympic athletes would have. The Germans were impeccable hosts and I will definitely be visiting this wonderful city again.
After a quick engagement in Turkey my next trip was back to Asia for two weeks in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. I had one day off in Singapore, so managed to fit in 7 marketing appointments and set up my next trip in January 2008.
Take a look at the Berlin photographs.

My wife Candice then dragged me off for a two week vacation at our place in Spain where we proudly watched the South African Rugby team win the World cup again. Most of our neighbours in Spain are British and with the final being against England I took a lot of ribbing before the game, but strutted around proudly in my SA rugby t-shirt the next day.

Although we have been living in London for the last 14 years and I support England whenever any of their sports teams play, my heart is still in South Africa whenever any of their teams play and Candice and I are their most ardent supporters.
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