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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Marketing with Video

There has been a virtual explosion on the internet with video. You only need to take a look at the success of Youtube to realise that the new phenomenon in low cost, no cost marketing is video on the web.
All it takes is a webcam or video camera and some software and you can be seen by millions in hours. The easiest software to use is Microsoft Video which is free and easy to use.
I use a number of other programmes which are excellent.
Pinnacle Pro is an inexpensive video editing programme that I have been using for years. I also use the more advanced Vegas and Adobe Premier Elements.
If you really want to have special effects like having any background ( you could be seen to be speaking in Moscow, Outer space or on the beach), I use Visual Communicator from Serious Magic. The software is brilliant and it comes with a greenscreen, good microphone, great software and an extensive manual. Take a look at my video on how it works at
Many of you who receive my newsletter know that I send out regular video sales tips using this software. I have also uploaded these tips to
youtube two months ago, and so far have had over 25,000 viewings. This is truly free marketing. The results - Product sales, speaker and training bookings and thousands of new subscribers to my newsletter and hits to my sites. You can do the same with your business.
My favourite piece of software is
Camtasia. This captures the screen of your computer while you speak. I use it to promote products, explain and show how different pieces of software work and explain any technical concepts. Take a look at an example. Once again I use this to show video hints and tips on microsoft products, software programmes, view powerpoint presentations and much more. Anyone can and must use this software, there are just so many applications. You can also upload your videos to your website or put them in your one-page salesletters.
Now that you have made the videos, there are plenty of video sites on the internet that you can upload them to. Some even pay you. Take a look at my
Hints and Tips to see the various sites.
I recently bought
an excellent Ebook for $37 on how to use video with YouTube to generate traffic and lists and sales. To my surprise I found that after I had bought it, I now had the full resale rights so only had to sell one copy to recoup my investment.
This was over and above the brilliant tips and strategies that I picked up from the book. I immediately put five new strategies into place on youtube that had already had a dramatic effect on my business. Take a look at the book on
http://www.y and if you buy it you also receive the resell rights, brilliant
You can also have your own channel on Youtube,
my channel generates plenty of viewings and subscribers and new business.
Get onto the video and YouTube phenomenon today.

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Sandra Schrift said...

Brilliant information, Frank. A great share for me and my coaching clients. I was just about to send my clients a link to youtube and now I will share yours with them as well.

Sandra Schrift/NSA
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