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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Speaking Tips - Turn your engagements to lifelong clients

One of the things I have found a bit of a challenge is to find new 'one-off' speaking engagements constantly. Over the years I have endeavoured to turn these one off’s into clients that I can go back to year on year. Here are the strategies:
Have more than one talk. If the client loves you, they want you back again and it is much easier to generate repeat work than new engagements all the time.
Get in front of the traffic – find out who buys your services and speak in front of those groups. I constantly speak for four different CEO groups around the world and with the decision makers being in the audience, if they like you they will book you. This also applies to associations and trade bodies.
When you speak for a client, find out where they have other offices and conferences. One of my American clients started with a talk at their sales convention in Europe. From there I spoke at their conference in the USA and then Asia.
I was referred to a client who was a large paper merchant and I was booked to speak at their convention in Germany. Although I knew nothing about the paper business I learned very quickly and the talk was a success. From there I was asked to speak at their European distributors conference and discovered that they were part of a $9 billion annual turnover business. At the distributors conference were the CEOs of the biggest paper merchants in Europe and I immediately received 2 bookings in the UK and one in Barcelona and I am expecting a lot more.
Build up client banks in cities and countries. I have many regular clients all over the world and whenever I know I will be speaking in their city or country, I email them and let them know that I will be there at that time and all they need to pay is the fee. I will pick up all the other expenses including travel and hotels. Having a large base I am able to do two talks a day at full fee, so I don’t mind picking up the expenses.Using this method I have generated up to 11 talks in a week.
I am planning another trip to Asia in May and using this strategy I will speak in 7 countries in two weeks.
Keep in touch with your clients. I send out a regular newsletter and I know that every issue will generate new engagements – out of sight, out of mind.
Keep your face in front of your clients and prospective clients with regular articles in their magazines. I have a regular column in a Directors magazine and have just been asked to do bi-monthly articles for a USA financial services association. The more people see your name, the more likely they are to book you. I have also recently been featured in the popular
'In Dubai' magazine which we are using in our marketing to generate loads of work
Update your materials, website and marketing packs. Send these to past clients and bureaus so that they will remember you.
Candice and I are constantly marketing as we realise in the past the only times we have had a slump was when we stopped marketing.
There are many strategies, tips and techniques in my series with the link below
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