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Monday, November 05, 2007

How to get a Great Title for your Book by Frank Furness

We all know how important headlines are. When we see an article in a magazine or newspaper, if the headline is compelling enough, we will read the article. I use a great little package to create headlines for emails, my websites and marketing promotions –

The same happens with book titles, take a look at a lot of the best sellers and they have great titles – Chicken Soup for the Soul, Richistan etc.

You need to ask yourself these questions: is the title compelling, is it original, is it the first of its kind and will it make someone sit up and take notice. You may think of a name in the middle of the night, on a train or plane, be ready to make a note of it. Remember – If you think it – ink it.

When you go through the thought process of coming up with a title, here are some questions to ask yourself:

If someone asked you about the book, how would you describe it, its attributes, why it is important, what are the benefits, why should anyone care, what is special about the book.

If someone asked you for more detail on the book, how would you explain it, what are the tips, behaviours and beliefs.

What are the advantages to someone who buys the book, what are they going to get from it.

My good friend Sam Horn is a legend in this regard and had helped countless best selling authors with the titles for their books. I have listened to her speaking on this subject a number of times and have always been amazed

Some of the methods she uses are to alphabetise or go half and half. Want to find out what this means, take a look at my interview with Sam at

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