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Monday, April 07, 2008

Frank Furness News & Views

Can you believe that we are in April already and this is my first newsletter of the year?

Last year I produced the video sales tips every two weeks and from next month I will be doing the same with video technology tips where I will be reviewing the latest tools that help to grow our businesses, have one free EBook give away and one productivity tip or idea. Please take a look at these as there are some great tips that are making or saving me money in my business.

From May I will also be starting my online coaching programme on how to create an income while you sleep. Please email me at frank@frankfurness for more details.

As you know I launched my new book ‘Walking with Tigers’ last year and now you can watch the video of the incredible good fortune I had to play with these wonderful animals. Click here to watch.
You can also watch and listen to some of the Business Tigers featured in the book including Karan Bilimoria from Cobra Beer, W.Mitchell, Rick Searfoss (astronaut), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and internet Guru Tom Antion. Click here to take a look

In this edition, please take a listen to an interview with publishing guru, Dan Poyner. He will be running a workshop in the UK in July, click here for full details.

On Dan’s valuable advice my book How to Find New Business and Clients’ has been re-written and will be released in the next two weeks in book and EBook formats, watch for details.

I now have over 60 websites and use numerous software tools to automate everything. Over the years I have spent thousands on information EBooks, software and programmes to drive sales on the net as I am a salesman and this is the new global salesroom. I am not a ‘techie’, so don’t want to get bogged down by the technical details, but just want to press a few ’next’ buttons and watch things happen.

I decided to put a one-off offer to people who have bought products or services from me in the past and now have been asked by many of my subscribers to make this available to them. So I have decided to do this only until the 10th April and then will be closing this offer and making the products available separately at the normal prices. Don’t wait, take a look now, there will never be another offer like this (only for PCs, sorry......)

Take a look at the one-off offer Toolkit for business

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