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Monday, April 07, 2008

Success Secrets by Frank Furness

I have always maintained that to be the best in your field, whatever it is, you need to mix with the masters. When I started in sales in 1980, I found the top salesman and asked him if I could shadow him for 2 weeks, He agreed and I learned more from watching him than from all the sales programmes I had attended.

I did the same when I went into speaking, I interviewed some of the top speakers in the world like Zig Ziglar, attended as many talks as I could where I could watch and learn from them and then followed their advice. The same is now happening with my internet marketing business, I try to find the best, spend time with them and learn from them.

Some time ago the whole internet marketing fraternity was abuzz with a young 25 year old called Chris X who developed and marketed a book called Dayjob Killer which made him a million dollars in a short period of time. His next project was called ‘Google Assassin’ and consists of the most incredible software to optimise your site, find out how your competitors are beating you on the internet and making the best use of Adwords.

Once again this product made him over a million dollars in a three week period. I was fortunate enough to meet Chris and his partner in Manchester and spent the afternoon with them finding out how they managed to do this. I discovered that these are very smart people, Chris having qualified in law and Ken as a barrister.

I also had a video interview with them and then reviewed their latest product which you can watch below.
The most important points I learned from them were:
Don’t give up, it took them four years to get where they are now
Develop a circle of likeminded people to work together and mentor each other. Everyone has different strengths, and the power of so many ideas and ways of looking at things is what contributed to their success.
You don’t get rich overnight – it takes time and patience
Build your subscriber list, whatever your business or hobby – build that list
Find products of value that you can market to your subscribers, otherwise they will leave you

Take a look at the video....

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