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Monday, April 07, 2008

Technology Tips with Frank Furness & Terry Brock

My ‘brother from another mother’ Terry Brock, recently spent a few days at our home in London. Terry is one of the top technology speakers and journalists in the USA and my wife despairs every time he comes to visit as I end up spending a fortune on the latest tools and technology.

Take a look at the video we produced showing the latest on offer that can help you in your business.

I keep pushing video technology to the limits and will be making another 70 technology video clips in the next few months and uploading these to 50 video sites. Right now video is the thing of the future, here are some of the ways it can help you and your business:

Build a profile on the internet – I have over 100 videos on the net which has generated over 300,000 viewings

Sell your products or services – I always have some action that the viewer can take at the end of each video i.e. redirecting them to a sales page

Building your subscriber list – I get hundreds of new subscribers each week from all over the world from people watching the videos

Use it as an analysing tool – I monitor which videos have the most viewings and comments and then develop products to suit: I know there is an interested audience. Equally if there are very few viewings or comments, I don’t spend much time promoting those products/speeches.

Send viewers to a squeeze page where you can upsell them one of your products or services, get a brochure request or send them something that promotes your business. They are already interested, otherwise that wouldn’t have watched the video

Have your own video channel on YouTube – This will also have people subscribing to your channel, I have over 300 subscribers.

Next month I will also be starting my Video Coaching programme and showing you exactly how to do it. You will learn:

Where to find free programmes that will have you editing in minutes

How to put Hyperlinks on your videos (I searched for years to find this info)

The best sites to promote your videos and where you will even be paid for viewings

How to create your own video channel in minutes with no technical knowledge. Take a look at which I put together in 3 minutes. I make money from the Adwords on the site

How to build your subscriber list using video

Simple software programmes that will take any video, optimise it for the internet and even build the little TV with controls.

How to download videos from YouTube, convert them and use them in your presentations.

Please email me at if you are interested in the programme and I will get the details to you.

Now take a look at the interview with Terry Brock...

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