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Monday, January 05, 2015

How to Rank Your Videos for YouTube | Sales & Marketing Speaker | Frank Furness

I recently attended a TV presenters course at Pinewood Studios where they produced all the Harry Potter and James Bond films (it was awesome). During the course we were told that the BBC has seven full time people just scouring YouTube to discover talent and possible programmes.

YouTube is the second most powerful search engine and companies and individuals who know how to use it are reaping the profits. 

My channel has 600 videos with 6,000 subscribers and over 3 million views.

The challenge is that companies are now becoming adept at producing great videos, but they generate very few views.

Take a look at the new Evian Babies video that  generated 57million views in 3 months, now sitting on 97 million views -

I have realized how important it is to get the views – take a look at a video I made 3 months ago that has generated 53,000 views -  and one I made 5 days ago that has generated 400 views -
Here are the important factors that YouTube take into consideration in ranking your videos and resulting in more views.
          Keywords in the title
          Keywords in the description
          Keywords in the tags
          Incoming Links
          Time watched (new)
          Total video views
          Total likes & dislikes
          Total embeds
          Total shares
          Total playlists it is added to
          Total channel views
          Category choice

I have also found that it is important to kick-start your videos and for the important videos I will pay to get them past those critical benchmarks of 300 and 2,000 views

Some ideas for kick starting your videos:

Video for adwords  - I normally have a budget of £10
Virool – here I have a budget of $25

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