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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Effective Presentations

Frank Furness

Increase you effectiveness by speaking and presenting well.

Having spoken and doing business in forty four countries around the world, one of the things that I have observed is the connection between good presentations and productivity. Achievers who present well can motivate students and teachers. The biggest fear that most people face when having to speak in public is nervousness. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Practice, practice, practice – in front of a mirror, with a recorder, with a video camera.

2. Don’t try to be perfect - realise that you will be nervous and just try to get the butterflies to fly in formation.

3. It is fine to be nervous - every speaker I know gets nervous before speaking. It means you care about giving a good presentation. Your nervousness produces adrenaline which helps you think faster, speak more fluently, and add the needed enthusiasm to convey your message.

4. Know your topic – be an expert on your subject. Anticipate questions and be seen as an authority on your subject.

5. Breathe - Before and even during your presentation, take a few deep breaths. Before your presentation, leave the meeting room and take a walk. Take some deep breaths and give yourself a pep talk.

6. Look for a friendly face in the audience – try to focus on the smiling face rather than someone with their arms crossed looking disinterested. Remember, most of your audience wants you to succeed.

7. Make eye contact – try to make every member of your audience feel that you are speaking only to them.

8. Focus on the message rather than the audience - What you have to say is important! People need to hear your message. Focus on that, rather than on your nervousness.

9. Enjoy the experience – there is no feeling quite like connecting with your audience.

This is taken from the great resource ‘
Business Presentation Skills’

Frank Furness CSP is a professional speaker and trainer specialising in sales and sales management. He has educated, entertained and inspired audiences in 42 countries. Based in London, Frank is the Past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe and the past chair of the International PEG. Frank’s ‘Speaker’s Bootcamp’ has been attended by over 500 people on four continents.
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