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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Telephone Tips
By Frank Furness

Most people fear cold calling. The most difficult part is actually picking up the phone and starting to call. We would do almost anything rather than phoning, so we spend time looking busy doing things like emails and filing. The biggest fear is the fear of rejection. Here are some basic rules for making cold calls:

• Plan your calls
• Phone every day
• Phone when your energy levels are highest
• Know your script
• Be organised
• Be enthusiastic
• Set yourself mini targets
• Focus on results
• Keep ratios
• Have the right environment
• Always try to have referrals to phone than a complete cold call
• Do some research on the website about the organisation you are phoning
• Watch your posture – stand and call
• Know the most common objections and how to answer them

Here is another phoning script. This works well if you have been referred.

Hello, is this Mr Jones, My name is Pete White from XYZ.
How are you today?
The reason I’m calling is that we specialise in helping retirees to
Plan their vacations (this is your benefit to the client)
And I thought I’d give you a call to see if you’d be interested in chatting about the various options available
Is ….. Something to which you’ve given much thought?

It doesn’t matter what they answer, you should always get the appointment. If they have thought about it, you’re in! If they haven’t given it much thought, then now is the ideal time to meet with you to discuss their options. Try it, it works!!

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