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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Elevator Speech Tips
by Frank Furness

Your Elevator Speech must be short and concise and you must know it off by heart. It must come so naturally to you that you can repeat it in your sleep. Realise the difference between an elevator speech, which sells you and how you can help other businesses or people rather than a statement.

Introductory statements that are not elevator speeches include, “My name is Michael and I am a sales trainer”. “My name is Mary and I am a motivational speaker”.

None of these statements stimulate any conversation and will either drive potential clients to the other side of the room or bore them while they say to themselves, ‘so what’.

Remember every potential client is thinking ‘what’s in it for me. Remember if anyone can say so wiifm (what’s in it for me) after your elevator speech, you’re selling any benefits.
Rather change to, “My name is David and I help international expatriates with their offshore mortgages/help them retire early/maximise their investments.”

Remember your goal is to keep the conversation going and stimulate a response from the person you are speaking to. Your goal is not to talk about yourself and what you do but it is to find out what the other person does and what is important to them, i.e. what’s in it for them.

To prepare your elevator speech, first identify how you can help your potential clients. List at least five things that you could do to help your clients, and then list five reasons why people should be doing business with you. Make your elevator speech into two parts. Part one would describe what it is that you do, i.e. I help organisations to understand the selling process in a fun and educational way. Part two would describe how they would derive benefit from what you are selling them, i.e. so that they can exceed their sales targets – so that they can build a productive and motivated sales force. The part two should always include a phrase like, ‘so that’.

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