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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


1.Think long term Don't give up when you hear, "I'm satisfied." Satisfaction may be temporary. Your prospect's needs may change, or you may provide a good reason for switching.
2.Develop a relationship Once you've mastered the relationship strategies, you will be able to determine quickly whether you can develop a rapport with a prospect, sale or no sale. By developing a friendship, you will be able to …
3.Study needs Take your time, do research, and ask a lot of non-threatening questions so you can find out your prospect's needs and how well they are being satisfied. The key is to find a need gap and offer a solution.
4.Sell yourself Personal chemistry is important, but so is the knowledge that you are an enthusiastic, earnest, professional, ethical, caring expert who would be nothing but an asset to know and do business with. Come up with new ideas for your prospects. Show them that you are on their team, sale or no sale.
5.Add value So many products and services are commodities that differentiation may be difficult. That is why you sell yourself. That is also why you have to differentiate your product with added value such as service and performance guarantees, superior services, and better delivery schedules - whatever it takes to be better.
6.Ask for a no-risk trial order Many customers are loyal to their suppliers, but will grant you a trial order if you ask for it. Make it a no-risk proposition. Ensure your prospect's satisfaction with some kind of guarantee, and bend over backward to make sure the trial order makes a very positive impression.
7.Ask for a portion of their business "Stealing" a competitor's customer may not be an all-or-nothing deal. You may have to do it bit by bit, proving yourself slowly as you go along. Ask for a small percentage of the prospect's business and you may find that percentage will grow.
8.Be persistent Nothing succeeds more than persistence. All things being equal, the persistent salesperson will win the account every time. Keep in touch with prospects, think long term, be a consultant and ally, and you will plant drought-resistant seeds

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Frank Furness is an International Speaker and author. Having qualified in the top half percent of salespeople in the world and researched over 500 of the worlds sales superstars, he now shares the secrets of success.
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